Instructional Details


We impart futuristic teacher education and instill high patterns of discipline through our dedicated staff who set global standards, making our students pedagogically superior and ethically strong who in turn shall improve the quality of life of the human race.

The library of the Annamacharya College of Education was established in the year 2003. The library is partially digitalized possessing modern infrastructure with a reading capacity for 60 users, containing total number of 10,383 books, 25 National and International Journals and 18 encyclopedias.

L X B: 45’.6’’ x 39’ = 1778.4 Sq. Ft.

Computer Lab

The Annamacharya College of Education provides a sophisticated computer lab with 40 computers of make Lenovo. The desktop systems are installed with latest Operating System (Windows 10) and with Application Softwares viz MS Office, Photoshop, etc. The lab has a high speed internet connectivity of 100 Mbps. This lab caters the needs of the student-teachers regarding ICT. D.El.Ed, B.Ed and M.Ed students improve their computer based pedagogical skills as part of their curriculum.

L X B : 30’ x 39’ = 1170 Sq. Ft.

Language Lab

Well-equipped language lab provides an excellent opportunity for the student teachers to refine their language skills. They learn the correct stress, accent, different intonation patterns and voice modulation to make themselves comprehensible to others. Our lab helps in obtaining good communication skills.

L X B : 30’ x 39’ = 1170 Sq. Ft.

Science Lab

To make the classes more interesting, realistic and clear, our science students utilize the Physical and Biological Sciences lab facilities available. The science labs are well equipped with modern working models, charts and specimens etc., required for a science teacher to inspire their students in the present generation.

L X B : 30’ x 39’ = 1170 Sq. Ft.

Psychology Lab

The Psychology laboratory was established with the necessary equipment like Finger Maze, Mirror Drawing, Colour Mixer etc and Intelligence, Personality, Projective, Emotional and Ability inventories, to conduct practical for the students of B.Ed; M.Ed and D.El.Ed.

L X B : 30’ x 39’ = 1170 Sq. Ft.

Social Lab

The Social Sciences laboratory is established with modern equipment, models and charts as part of TLM for social science methodology students. They utilize this lab efficiently for motivating and inspiring the school children.

L X B : 30’ x 39’ = 1170 Sq. Ft.

Mathematics Lab

Well-equipped mathematics lab provides an excellent opportunity for the student teachers to refine their computational and teaching skills. The lab provides the equipment like Junior and senior mathematics kits, Working models and various charts.

L X B : 30’ x 39’ = 1170 Sq. Ft.

Physical Education

The colleges has spacious play ground with different courts like Volley Ball, Foot Ball, Basket Ball, Tennikoit etc and 400mts running track for the all-round development of the student teachers. Also the colleges provide the indoor games like Table Tennis, Carroms, and Chess etc.

L X B : 30’ x 39’ = 1170 Sq. Ft.